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At the ultra-structural level, small, spherical, poorly pigmented granules were seen in autosomal albino retinal melanocytes.

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In Albino chick naked, Bargar and Oetting [19] Albino chick naked a third recessive allele at the C pigment locus, to which they assigned the symbol ca. Light microscopic histology of the retinal pigment epitelium of autosomal albinos was done in the original study by Warren, but subsequent light or electron microscopic studies of autosomal albino eyes or feathers have not been reported. Four different recessive albino or albino-like mutations which also produce white plumage color in the chicken were also reported in literature, but those are not typical of any breed of chicken, and may be associated to a reduced perinatal viability or a deficient vision.

In and Bateson and Punnet [6] [8] demonstrated that White Dorkings are homozygous for an autosomal recessive mutation which prevents appearance of color. It is of importance to the meat breeding industry to know the magnitude of the depression in growth rate caused by the recessive white genotype in the commercial stocks. This allele in homozygous individuals produces a kind of partial albinism.