Tinychat lagging

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Over the next few days, fans joined in the chat to discuss the recent events of the "conflict" and different Trolling Tactics to use on Ghost and other Blog Talk Tinyhcat hosts. However, many people were afraid to go to back to the chat room due to the recent "attacks" by newfags claiming to be members of the NCF and other hackers who had been trying Tinychhat use Tinychat to dox TCR listeners and trolls. In spite of all the negative attention that Tinychat has gained from the Tinychat lagging, fans continued to use it for Tinycuat parties" where they could chat with one another while listening to a broadcast by Ghost or some other BTR host. An example of this was when Ghost started a party line on the night of January 31, and many were having trouble getting connected.

While many argue that the chatroom on Ghost's BTR page serves the exact same purpose, others believe that no longer possible to have a semi-decent conversation there due to all of the Textchat Warrior spam, similar to what happened in Ghost's old Chatroom in his BTR show, which he closed about two weeks prior to Troll War IIIdue to 'lagging issues'. This has caused a number of new chatrooms to pop up around the internet, splintering his listener base. A Tinychat room created by the Tub Guy called the 'OG Capitalist Army ' was one of the most popular - sometimes holding up to people in the room by the end of a show.

Elfoxoloco and Tub Guy would moderate the chatroom during shows, disallowing camming up unless someone was streaming the After Showand removing bots. Other than that, this chatroom served as a close replacement to Ghost's original, featuring excessive spam, sick sadistic names, 'call rating', and discontent whenever a Serious Caller was placed on the air.

Connection problems, Tijychat, bugs, constant lagbing premium users and a lack of management would cause Tub Guy to move the chatroom to Discord lagigng a more easier alternative abandoning the Tinychat platform. Other reasons for this is to have better sound quality, emojis, separate text channels and better chatroom management Tinychat lagging improved features for moderators, as well as having a more private and secure way of sharing splices and content therefore avoiding splice theft and sabotaging of projects. Tub Guy and the chatroom would transition to Discord on January 25th, and this chat would stay open until the Elfoxo-Tub Guy civil war occurred, further splintering the community.

You can also view video full screen. Quality Video conferencing in Tinychat is easy, but how is the quality? As much as I love video conferencing with myself, I did test it with Bobby the other writer here at 40Tech. Bobby and I had to train ourselves to pause before speaking, as the delay caused us to constantly interrupt one another.

for tinychat to get rid of lag for non pro users

Our chat was filled Tinychat lagging many instances of Tinychat lagging of us saying "no, you go ahead. The video in Tinychat was good, so long as Tinychst was no motion. Laggig motion, it became more pixilated than the Skype video. Otherwise, the video was clear, and very similar to the quality in Skype. The above screenshot shows a snapshot of video from my Logitech QuickCam Pro The audio was comparable to the audio in Skype, and dependent on microphone quality. Bobby and I each tried Tinychat on two different computers, and the audio varied in quality depending on which computer was used.