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Being a good wrestler is about a shitload more than being able to look good fake fighting. Rollins may or may not be a great wrestler, right now, he's the lowest man on the totem pole in his faction. The Dragon Saga Sluts in lovedean a good wrestler and a draw are two different things. Seth Rollins, like many more lesser names, is a better wrestler than Jeff Hardy. But Jeff Hardy has drawn a lot more money. See how that works? All these are true, but ask yourself: If Jeff Hardy wasn't such a loose cannon, would he still be Jeff Hardy i. That's something for Sly I think. But yes, Hardy over Rollins and it's not close.

Uncle Sam But yes, Hardy over Rollins and it's not close. You're just lucky Hardy was a great wrestler.

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Pay Llvedean Ghost Its nice how quickly we got over Ambrose here. Bodes well for his future. The man stepped down from the pole, slowly walking to the edge of the stage where Dean was sitting, watching hungrily. He slid down to the floor, landing in a split as he reached his hands forward to Dean's chest.

Dean let himself be pulled forwards by Sluts in lovedean collar. Dean smirked and looked down to the other man's lips. Dean looked into the eyes that were now so close to his as he felt hands run down his torso. Dean watched as the man moved his hips, the somehow familiar body nearing his. Dean then laughed slightly to himself. I hope you don't mind me asking you this Dean grabbed the man's wrist softly, brown eyes looking into mischievous green ones. Dean looked at the room's walls, covered with various framed pictures of the man who had brought him here, all with his face hidden.