Hook up multiple tvs to one antenna

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However, I found one person who said you could use a device called a anttenna. It took plenty of research to confirm that a diplexer would do the Hlok so let's hope you found this onne in less time than anyenna took me to learn about diplexers and type this entry. I should stop burying the ledeā€¦to run an OTA signal on the same coax as an Internet feed, use one diplexer where the signals combine onto one coax and one diplexer where you want the signals to split again from that single coax. Step 1 - Return to your sketch in chapter 2 of the optimal setup for your OTA signal, now knowing that you can run the OTA signal on the same coax as your Internet feed.

In my case, the "satellite antenna" is the Internet service provider's feed to the house, the red line is the single coax that carries both streams, and the "satellite signal" is the Internet feed that finds its way to the router. Step 2 - One diplexer is needed to combine the antenna signal and Internet feed and another diplexer is necessary to re split them.

Diplexers look like splitters and have all female ends just as splitters do. Go online or your electronics store and purchase your diplexers and connectors as necessary, holding onto that receipt just in case this whole experience fails. Step 3 - With your diplexers in hand, setup your main antenna and run its signal down to where you want to combine it with the Internet feed. Based on my story, this was outside on the first floor because of where the Internet and cable TV box was located. Step 5 - At the combination point, you should have a free hanging coax Hook up multiple tvs to one antenna a male end that finds its way back to the main antenna.

Step 7 - Screw the male end of the coax from step 5 into one of the bottom side diplexer connectors, the side with more than one connector on it. Step 8 - Unplug your router and modem if you have one. Step 10 - Connected to the Internet box is a coax that runs into your house and is split with a familiar looking splitter. Disconnect this coax from the splitter, or closest connection point to the box, leaving the other end of the coax connected to the Internet box. Step 12 - At the combination point, you now have diplexer A being fed the signal from the main antenna and your Internet feed. Here's my setup proving something, I'm just not sure yet.

Step 13 - Locate the coax that runs into your dwelling; one end should still be screwed to the splitter that was connected to the Internet feed's coax. Step 14 - Unscrew this coax from the splitter. Step 16 - If all is well, diplexer A still has the antenna coax and Internet feed coax connected as inputs, and now has the coax that goes into your house connected to its output.

Can I connect two TVs to one Antenna?

Step 18 - Follow along the coax that goes into your house and locate its other end where you want to re split this super-mega-awesome combined feed. In my case, the cable company setup Png adultchat sites coax that ended with a splitter sending the signal to the TV and Internet router. Here's my diplexer B in action. Connect your Main TV: Make sure that you run the channel scan to see what stations you Hook up multiple tvs to one antenna pulling in and make any directional adjustments to the antenna at this time.

Make sure that you rerun the channel scan with every repositioning of the antenna. This is an important step that many miss. We don't suggest connecting more than one TV at a time because if something goes wrong you won't know where the issue is. Connect the Next TV: Once you got the first TV working as expected, then hook up your 2nd TV and repeat the process and then the 3rd and so on. If any point during these steps you notice that you have lost signal strength, it is time look into buying an amplifier. We do suggest that if you don't use all of the "out" ports on your splitter that you purchase "caps" for the open port to prevent signal loss.

Any electronics store will offer these if they aren't included with the splitter to begin with. Did you find it helpful? Yes No Sorry we couldn't be helpful. Help us improve this article with your feedback.