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In early March, notification of students acceptance are mailed to the parents. A school registration fee is due at this time. By the end of March application packets will be sent to all registered families. Our school programs include: Process not product, is encouraged directed arts and crafts.

Los Gatos, California

Process, not product, is encouraged. Some themes include post office, store, restaurant and king and queen. Twos-Threes Program Our twos-threes program focuses on helping children with their first transition into a school setting. The emphasis is on social and emotional growth: At the same time, there is strong encouragement of language development through music, stories and sharing at the core of each day's activities or circle time games, movement and stories. The goals of this first year are to successfully engage children in a happy and positive experience in the school setting and to create a secure foundation to continue to grow and develop the following year.

Pre-K Programs — yr olds Our pre-kindergarten programs are designed for those children whose birthdates make them eligible for kindergarten the following year. These classes continue to further build on the social and emotional foundation introduced the first year.

Children are encouraged to use more self help skills, manage their belongings, seek help from adults when needed, offer support to Free casual dating in saratoga ca 95070 students, negotiate and problem solve with fellow students. Critical thinking skills such as planning, predicting outcomes, hypothesizing, estimating, strategizing is valued and encouraged. In the early 20th century, sadatoga town became a thriving agricultural town with Frewgrapes and prunes being grown in the area. By the s, the Los Gatos area had a local reputation as an arts colony, attracting painters, musicians, writers, actors and their bohemian associates as 95700 over the years.

Along with much of the Santa Clara ValleyLos Gatos became a suburban community for San Jose beginning in datinb s, and the town datung mostly built-out by Free casual dating in saratoga ca 95070 s. Downtown Los Gatos has retained and restored many of its Victorian -era homes and commercial buildings. Other notable buildings are the Forbes Mill annex, dating to and now housing a history museum; Los Gatos High Zippo insert dating which dates from the s; and the Old Town Shopping Center, formerly the University Avenue School the school was established in ; the current buildings date to A number of brick buildings in Downtown Los Gatos were destroyed or seriously damaged in the Loma Prieta earthquakethough the district was quickly rebuilt and has made a full recovery.

In town, the rail line used to run along the shore of Vasona Reservoir to the present-day location of the Post Office, following the path of what is now a continuous string of parking lots between Santa Cruz Ave. There was also a streetcar-type rail line with service to Saratoga and San Jose. Streetcar service via the Peninsular Railway started about and ended about San Francisco commuter trains continued into downtown untiland Vasona Junction until The site of the old railroad station is now occupied by Town Plaza and the post office. Oil boom[ edit ] Between and about 20 oil wells were drilled in and around Los Gatos, starting a minor oil-drilling boom. Los Gatos Theater on Santa Cruz Ave State Route 85 roughly marks the northern boundary of the town, although a few pockets of homes to its North are included.

A left exit on northbound Highway 17 becomes the south end of South Santa Cruz Avenue, leading into downtown. The area around Los Gatos Boulevard, east of Highway 17, is much more typically suburban than downtown, with medium-sized shopping centers clustered at major intersections of the multilane boulevard. Although the town has generally a quiet setting, its principal noise generators are State Route 17 and Los Gatos Boulevard. CA 17 freeway passes through Los Gatos Town Plaza Park in Downtown Los Gatos Vasona Parka county park, and neighboring Oak Meadow Park, which belongs to the town, are located in what is roughly the geographic middle of the town, bordered on the south by Blossom Hill Road, on the east by Highway 17, on the west by University Avenue, and reaching at the north end not quite all the way to Lark Avenue.

In Vasona Park is the trail to Prune Ridge. In Los Gatos, the trail passes the Forbes Mill.