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Yep, in our technological age, even the intimate act of digging inside a stranger's pocket has become detached and impersonal for the sake of convenience. Now, before you ask: Yes, someone has already created this, and yes, you can totally download it for free if you know where to look. The program's creator, Eddie Lee, demonstrated the hack with his own phone at DefConthen released his simple app on the Internet as a flashing "Fuck you, fix this! Now that's modern convenience, folks!


You're sitting at a coffee shop, preparing to Vine about the horrific lack of a design in the foam of your cappuccino, when your pjone suddenly alerts you that it's down to 2 Bomil phone camera sex vidoes power. Holy shit, tragedy has struck! Not a single wall socket in sight -- but hey, is that a free cellphone charging kiosk over there? What could it hurt? Meanwhile, a hidden device that a "technician" packed inside the charger is casually mining your phone for personal data, stealing all your saved passwords and bathroom mirror self-portraits, and probably slipping you some nasty phone STDs for good measure.

Smooth move, moron -- you just did some lowlife a big convenience by plugging your phone directly into his phone-hacking machine. Don't feel too bad for being fooled, though.