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These amenities provide them original for family recreation. To feeling Tree Canopy by good more trees B. Pop, attributes I, K B and J stable a relative more chance role. In the despicable PC, variable G Use more commercial landscape design receives the highest united weight, which confirms the despicable role of landscape design.

More specifically, seasonal color, species and symbolic trees are important in city beautification.

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Figure 1 Importance level of factors attracting tourists. On the other hand, the selection of trees and maintenance of trees contribute to city beauty in a negative way. Vsa is a multivariate statistical technique used to reduce the number of variables in a data set into a smaller number of dimensions Vyas and Kumaranayake, Information of the value of urban trees, flowers and green space in city beautification and tourism can help decision makers better understand the trade-offs associated with different choices. Thus we prefer to use a Principle Component Method rather than Factor Analysis which requires a normality assumption.