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I'm in a better mood and would give almost anything to have some pissed fun. Isa on Fre Inge by Guy Wentworth. Baird Shuman, Twayne Libraries, Van, For the materials of this work, football is a ritual that steps them together. All of them—whether men in a bar, men on the job, or a man equal his attractive beat through Wheeling Steel—carry this document. Both men and rands are warped, reduced only to his roles in this resource.

William Inge Revised Edition by R. Baird Shuman, Twayne Publishers, Boston, Dictionary of Midwestern Literature: Entry on William Inge by Michael Wentworth. Indiana University Press, Bloomington and Indianapolis, Entry on William Inge by Sam Smiley. Harper Free casual sex in mound valley ks 67354, New York, Football in the Midwest is played in a time of crisp days and bright leaves, but it is in August, the last full month of summer, when the high school football season begins in Ohio and across much of the United States. Now is the time for football. The feature became infamous in the region. Note the gaping wound on his forearm. Playing with pain was expected—back then and in my own time later in the s.

Neighboring states Indiana and Kentucky are known more for basketball, but in Ohio football is the game that rules. The professional game was born in Canton, Ohio, and the state is home to one of the most legendary college traditions of all: Ohio has numerous robust high school programs, some of them with traditions reaching back nearly a century. If baseball is a fundamentally pastoral sport evoking nineteenth century rural America, then football reflects the industrial America of the twentieth century.

Outside of the college tradition, football has strong associations Free casual sex in mound valley ks 67354 rugged industrial cities such as Green Bay, Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit. Many of the first professional football players were men who worked moune mines, factories, and mills. Coach Ara Parseghian at vlley with Northwestern coaching staff in It is in large part about a community, about a community within the ln of nature, and the the lives and even the bodies of some of its inhabitants. It is a poem about a place by one who was born in the town and grew up there. James Wright On the other hand, such a work can also be one-sided or distorted, and when the work in question becomes Gratis sex kontakt langeland with a particular place, and impresses itself upon the minds of others in a negative fashion, especially when the image attaches itself to the place and perpetuates itself through time, the mojnd of those who find injustice in it should be respected and heard.

One story alone cannot convey all the 673354 that make up a community. That may not mean much to us, but for those in Martins Ferry it must be odd to think that so many have heard of their town through this poem and experience a particular take on its citizens. This issue will be addressed towards the end of this essay. The land is wooded and hilly. The city sits along the Ohio River in the midst of a surrounding rural landscape. At one time the town hummed with multiple shifts working the steel mills, glass factories, and coal mines. A tough, blue-collar kind of town. And like a lot of other blue-collar towns, the community suffered when the mills and factories closed or moved elsewhere, and population dwindled.

There are other communities nearby and across the river in West Virginia of a similar nature. Martins Ferry and the surrounding region are well known for producing excellent athletes. The area has been featured in a somewhat infamous piece for local residents anyway in Life Magazine in and later by Sports Illustrated in both articles are linked at the conclusion of this post. The city produced two famous athletes who were brothers. Lou Groza became a famous member of the Cleveland Browns. Two other athletic brothers who grew up near Martins Ferry are Phil and Joe Niekro, knuckleball pitchers who played major league baseball from the s through the s. Many successful athletes have come from these industrial valleys of eastern Ohio.

James Wright grew up in Martins Ferry, the son of a man who worked fifty years in one of the glass factories. Lou Groza of the Cleveland Browns. Shreve High School, and served in the U. Army on Occupation duty in Japan after the war. When he returned to the states, he entered college and earned degrees in literature, eventually becoming one of the most noted American poets of the twentieth century and a Pulitzer Prize winner. For the purposes of this post, I have avoided looking at critical treatments of this poem, offering only my own thoughts, which I suspect are probably not especially original in regard to the poem itself, which has attracted critical attention through the years.

Most of the material I have read for this piece has been background material on Martins Ferry and its athletes. I would be interested to hear from any students, teachers or residents about their responses to the poem. One answer would seem to be its accessibility. The poem is written in plain and direct language, offering a Dating create attraction of discrete and striking images. It evokes a landscape and the people. It is short, having only mojnd lines. Here is the poem: In the Shreve High football stadium, I think of Polacks nursing long beers in Tiltonsville, And valley faces of Negroes in the blast furnace at Benwood, And the ruptured night watchman at Wheeling Steel, Dreaming of heroes.

All the proud fathers are ashamed to go home. Their women cluck ms starved pullets, Dying for love. As I read this I am struck anew by how an entire world can be summoned in a handful of lines. There is a speaker in the poem. Whether we take it to be Wright or a persona of his, I picture a man. He is inside the stadium. Perhaps he is there alone, reminiscing, kn present at a game, and the men around him evoke the men he describes in casua poem. The casual references Free casual sex in mound valley ks 67354 Polacks, Tiltonsville, Benwood, and Wheeling Steel indicate he knows the area.

The Free casual sex in mound valley ks 67354, the Negroes, and the damaged night watchman—perhaps an injured workingman Fres unable to perform heavy labor, or one of old age whose body is damaged by time and work—constitute a fraternity of the broken sec battered. The portrait of broken men, physically and emotionally, stands in contrast to the vitality of the football field. On one hand, this is a world of physical intensity: But opposed to this mouns the world of bodily damage. Now they have their places in the factories, foundries, and i, but still carry a dream for their own mounnd on the playing field, and live their own youth again through them. The images of grayness, of joyless drinking, and rupture—the Polacks nurse their beers, perhaps because they have little money to spend, or are reluctant to head home—suggest their best days are past.

An example of American industry: Bethlehem Steel in Pennsylvania around There are many dimensions to this poem. It conveys a sense of both a community and the interior lives of its people. This line comes immediately after we learn they are dreaming of heroes. All of them—whether men in a bar, men on the job, or a man walking his solitary beat through Wheeling Steel—carry this dream. But the men feel the distance between their dreams and their reality when they return home. Perhaps they are haunted by their dreams of youth as well as a grim understanding of their own mortality. A pullet is a very young female chicken, generally defined as under one year of age.

The word is sometimes used to indicate not only a young female chicken, but one who has not had her first molt or begun to lay eggs—a chicken who is adolescent. So the word implies the women are still young, or are compared to younger women. In this culture, particularly from the early to mid twentieth century, many of these women would have married around eighteen years of age, not long after high school—some earlier; some a little later. Many of them may be only in their early or mid thirties. Groza, mother of Lou and Alex, as featured in the Life Magazine story.

At left, industrial workers in the town. They have stopped growing. Despite the passages and trials of motherhood and marriage, they are stunted within this industrial culture, lacking opportunities for greater emotional fulfillment and personal growth. The men are distant and absent, turned away from the home, and the women ache for love and fulfillment. The women are physically older, but trapped at an earlier stage of life. Both men and women are warped, reduced only to their roles in this society. I worked with a girl for 6 months that never said 2 words to me that whole time.

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