Underwater oral sex

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Before the seal, the important thing is the breath. That chest-bursting lungful of air that dex to last as long as possible. But I can Underwater oral sex that the second time Underwatr did it lasted longer than the first. And the third time longer after that. And Undedwater I close my lips he pushes my shoulders and my head down — the water adds buoyancy, you see, and one of the trickiest things is not floating to the surface. He braces himself against a rail, and I wrap my arms around his thighs. Clamping the tight seal of my lips around his dick. Moving slowly at first, keeping the seal in tact.

Working the head of his cock with my tongue and feeling that single lungful of air start to burn inside my chest. I move further down. Taking the whole length of him into the back of my throat.

Underwater Sex

I can get it. I can do Underwater oral sex. Down I go, and this time I grip his thighs tighter. Underwater oral sex holds my shoulders down with one arm, fighting the water which tries to shove me back to the surface. With one arm and Unferwater leg braced so he can stay in position, he starts to fuck my throat. The water fills my ears and nose and eyes. I almost tap-out when the seal breaks, but I want to go further. I want to stay and see if I can work this thing out: Tap, and up again. Then I spit over the side — a great mouthful of chlorine and saliva and precum and joy. I like it … ach … fucking loads. Desperately hoping that he liked it too. That we can play more with this sensation — the underwater blow job.

Not a lot of research has been done, but here is Underwater oral sex we know: The other problem is an increased chance of the condom Underwater oral sex off. That is not only nerve-racking but also awkward for everyone involved. Your best bet is to use a silicone lubricantone that's not water-soluble and will make penetration a lot more comfortable for both of you. So where can you go to indulge in a little aqua love? Going public with your plan is out of the question, so stick close to home on this one. The problem with pool sex is the chlorinated water rushing in and out of your lady, which can cause damage and infection.

A good alternative is oral sex. Have your girl sit on the deck of the pool or on the stairs while you stand in the water, or vice versa. If your tub is small, you could have trouble in the missionary position. With shower sexyou get the pleasure of being wet, without the chance of too much water entering private areas.