Mfi program frequently asked questions

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Apple MFi License. Who needs it?

Mac OS users can use the homebrew packaging system and run brew install freetype. Linux users should not fresuently to do anything. How do I save the state between app invocations, for example, if I want to store user selections etc and persist it across app invocations? How do I calculate the total size of a dictionary?

If you have a pointer to a DictionaryIterator, you can easily calculate the total size of this Mfi program frequently asked questions See this community blog post external link for more information. App Communication App message error: Please make sure you use the same UUID on both ends. Memory Management How apps are loaded for execution? Apps code and static variables are loaded entirely in RAM when they are started. Any PC running Windows 3. Which browser should I use for surfing the internet with MFI. We do suggest using the latest versions of either browser to assure you can view all the latest in online content Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape 4.

We can provide Internet Explorer 5 to our members free of charge. Do I get email with my dial-up account? How can I protect my children from internet pornography, obscene language and other internet evils? What's the difference between unlimited and dedicated access? Dedicated access is "always on".