Dating show hosted by chuck woolery

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After graduating from high school, he served two years in the U. He was also a sales representative for bj Pillsbury Company. Music[ edit ] In the early s he sang and played the bass fiddle with a folk song trio called The Bordermen. He also sang in a duo called The Avant-Garde who were in the psychedelic pop genre. The other half of the duo was Elkin "Bubba" Fowler. They signed to Columbia Records and achieved a Top 40 hit with "Naturally Stoned" inbringing the duo one-hit wonder status. They released three singles. As a solo artist he released five records with Columbia.

He then turned to acting.

In the late s, he returned to woolert singing career. Dingle on the children's television series New Zoo Revue in the early s. During that time, he made his first game show appearance on an episode of Tattletalesalongside then-wife Jo Ann Pflug. Starting as a singer, Woolery appeared on an episode of Your Hit Parade. Format[ edit ] Dating show hosted by chuck woolery Connection's main premise gy to arrange dates for couples. A guest appeared on the show after going on a date with one of three contestants, having chosen on the basis of the contestants' videotaped profiles.

After the date, the televised appearance was scheduled. Woolery would introduce the guest and show excerpts from the three candidates' videos. The studio audience would then secretly vote on which candidate they preferred for the guest. In the version, home viewers voted online and were included in the tally. The guest then revealed whom he or she had actually dated, and the date joined the conversation from backstage via closed-circuit television camera. Woolery led the guest and date to discuss their time together. If they both agreed that the date had been successful, the couple would be reunited onstage; otherwise, the date's participation in the show ended.

Chuck Woolery

Woolery would then reveal the vote result; if the guest had had a successful date with the vote winner, Woolery would congratulate the couple for Datiny a "love connection," and they would usually but not always accept the offered prize of a second date at the show's expense. After a successful date, the guest was always offered another date with that person; but if the vote winner was one of the other contestants, the guest could choose a date with the vote winner, regardless of the success of the first date.

And if the guest had already unsuccessfully dated the audience pick, the guest could choose to go on a date with either of the other contestants. If a second date took place, the couple would be invited back for a second interview at a later taping. Usually, two or three segments aired per show.